Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend - Wochenende - Fim de semana

I had a great weekend. My MIL came to visit us and since my husband was away the whole saturday for a conference, we used the day (a beautiful one, by the way) to sew as much as we could. :)

I asked her to teach me one thing that she sews a lot and give people as a gift. A thing that is both useful and really cute: a tissue box cover.

So, I left my Tilda project a bit away and dedicated most of my time trying to make those beauties. Here is how they turned out:

So, what do you think? At least, now I am more than prepared for my allergies! :)

But, the day was not over with those projects. Since the day are getting longer allready - LOVE SPRING! - we could try something else. This time from Tilda's book, a needle case.

Not difficult at all, but still, my looks like a first try.... And it was my first try! So, it's ok. I can't complain...
It was also my first using those special buttons and for that I was special thankful that my mother in law was around. You have to press sooooooo hard and she really helped me out with that.

Here my little "frog" - because will eventually, with the time and more practice, one day turn into a prince :P

Today I had a very busy day nd now I am really tired. I will tell you guys more about it tomorrow. And I still habe loads of pics to post.
Take care,

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Clarissa Magalhães said...

Acho um charme essa casinha de lenços!