Saturday, February 20, 2010

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Tagging... :)


Started tagging things at home. At the book, the suggestiog of the emboydery is the word "rose". I decided to use simple letters and maybe, later, if I need to tag something concrete, then write the words. I think it would be grat with the words "kitchen", "home", and so on.
The most difficult part on this project was actually placing the grommets. This was my second time and I didn't really know how to use the hand machine and ended up pressing the grommet on the wrong direction and it got stuck. Now I should get myself a new one before I move on tagging again... :)

Here is a picture of the project I most liked doing so far: the dog.


I was so afraid of entreing the world of dolls and animals and this little dog just took away all my fears. I know it is not finished yet but since I decided that this will be a gift to my comming baby, I am waiting to know if it's a boy or a girl to complete it right ;o).
Hummm, maybe that's why it was such a pleasure to make this little dog... :)

Going to sleep now. 

Wish you all a great sunday.

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