Thursday, February 18, 2010

The last days - Die letzte Tage - Os últimos dias

Long time no see... :)
Remember me on the beging writing that that one would be a busy week. Well, I start to believe that this is a busy month... :)
I am way behind from what I wanted but I did made some "progresses" this week. And I took pictures!!!

That`s what I am going to share with you today:

Strawberries / Erdberren/ Morangos 


Really cute and easy to make. The only thing I am still having a bit difficulty is with the leaves, they are still looking a bit strange...

Little button bag


This is one of those easy and fast projects that make every CRAFTer happy. Really really cute and usefull. I would rather make tones of them but, ok, I need to move on to the next projects :)

Sleeping Masks

I was afraid of this one too. I actually think I had a bit prejudice about those sleeping masks. Maybe because I could never sleep using one of those so I really thought they were useless.
But they are really uncomplicated and turned out so cute that I am even thinking about giving them a try ;o)


kate said...

your strawberries are lovely! i made a Tilda sleep mask the other day and was equally worried, but am pleased and will use it for a flight soon. also, i love how you've used rickrack on them!

CRAFtando said...

Kate, thank you!
Wish you a safe and relaxing flight. :)