Thursday, February 11, 2010

Days 8, 9, 10 and 11 - Tage 8, 9, 10 und 11 - Dias 8, 9, 10 e 11

The past days were pretty busy and less productive
one good thing: I HAVE A CAMERA AGAIN!

So, I'll be able to post the pics of the finished things but I guess that will have to wait until saturday, when I will have time to make the photos with natural light.

Ok, now to the projects:

I finished two. One easy and successful: the hearts, and another easy and that turned into a disaster: the rose.

The hearts turned out fine. I knew it would be ok since I've already done it before. So, no big difficulties.

The rose. Well, that is a special case. I was already afraid of doing it before I even started. Why?
Because I've tryed it before and it didn't work. Well, last time I tryed on my own, not following a pattern or a certain instruction so I though this time everything could be different because I promissed to be a good girl and respect ALL instructions.

Well, it didn`t work out! Again! Here is the picture, and proof, of how it turned out :( :

I must say that I was a bit desapointed with myself for not getting it right! But I will keep on trying so, PLEASE, if anyone out there has any tips, tricks, instruction videos or anything else to share that could help me, don't hetitate on doing it A.S.A.P.!! :)

Weekend is comming and I will have to force myself to sit on the machine and get some things done. I want to be back on track again.

See you soon. 


Anke said...

Your hearts are real cute. And for the rose, I haven't done that one yet, but maybe with a little practice it will get better. And the one you've made isn't that bad, is it?

I'm working on some hearts too at the moment. Hopefully I can post them on my blog next week.

Have a great weekend.

Greetings, Anke

CRAFtando said...

Hey Anke, thanks for the encouragement! :)
I should really try to practice more. Maybe after the challenge is over?!
Oh, please post your hearts when you have finished them I would love to see! :)
Wish you a great rest of week,