Monday, February 8, 2010

Days 6 and 7 - Tage 6 und 7 - Dias 6 e 7

The last days I was almost stuck at home. I couldn't go out. Which was bad because saturdays was just a beautiful day outside but on the other hand, helped me to be almost back on track again.

So, now to what I've been doing the past days:

Bag - it is almost finished. It's only missing the handles (that I still have to buy) but I think it turned out so nice! And it is also preatty easy to make. Ok, it can get a bit confusing because you have to turn the fabrics some times but I had a great help! I found an explanation video on the internet that showed everything and looking at it make things even simplier.It is in german but you actually don`t need to understand what the lady is saying when you habe the instructions. The moviments were the important thing for me.

Here it is:
Hope you have lot's of fun making it, because it really is so easy and nice to make!

Pear - this is one simple and super cute project. It's really easy and adorable. So, done! :)

Dog - You know, there are some projects on this book that I am really scared of, and I tend to let them to the end (I don't know it that is a much clever idea). And this was the first out of the scaries that I tried out. I've never done complicated "sutffed animals" just simple ones where you have everything together. You know what? It is really not that hard. Really. I really had fun doing it (it`s quite simple) and I think it`s one of the sweetest things I`ve made.

I decided to make it with colour fabric (I don`t have the Tilda brawn fabric). It`s a cute light green Gingham. It's the first thing I am sewing for the baby. Very neutral. :)

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