Saturday, September 12, 2009

This week - Diese Woche - Esta semana

This week was my birthday. I love birthdays!
This year it was very special my husband made me so nice surprises and my sister baked a brazilian chocolate cake and sweets (beijonhos de coco).
Tofinish up the day perfectly we went to a brazilian restaurant in Strasbourg for dinner and had so many things I missed: feijao, arroz, farinha, pimenta, guarana...

Unfortunatelly I coudn´t take any pictures since I forgot my SD Card at home. :P bummer...

Then on friday I started the day feeling bad and went to bed with fever. So, I´m sick again  and the program for the weekend will be laying in bed checking the temperature and recovering....

Because of that I couldn´t work on the give-away I way intending to post today. Please be a little more patient then I will try to post is on monday! Don´t forget, to get a chace to win you have to leave a comment in one of september´s posts.  Wish you luck!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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